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DUNS NO - 004786455 TIN - 16-0731430 SBA - P0537712 CAGE/ NCAGE - 33LH5 CCR TPIN - 72289588

NAICS Codes 236220 238990 561622

SIC Codes 1541 7699


62 Year Old Prison Construction Company Locks-up IT Future

George A. Keene, Inc. announces expanded services to include IP Security, IT Networks and Managed Services for the Prison Industry while setting new high standards for vendor performance among competitors.

Keene is redesigning itself to be a one-stop shop for federal, state and municipality buildings and detention centers. In the past Keene contracted to provide everything inside a detention center except Integrated Information Systems and related services. The prisons would then find additional vendors to fill the IT requirements for numerous unrelated information systems. The time, expense and related overhead of assembling support systems that were not integrated was a huge burden for customers.

In an era of watching every penny, new methods for building and operating  prisons is changing to become increasingly affordable. Most new prisons are in the process of, or require integrated facilities, operating over IP Networks. Mechanical systems and information systems have direct relationship to each other and are management as intergated systems. Infrastructure components in prison and detention centers often have IP addresses providing a new ranges of functionality and management options. Example - locks on prison cell blocks, cell doors, security cameras and related apparatus. Each of these devices can operate in relation to each other and under a wide variety of new management options.

A new division of George A. Keene named Keene Controls™, enables Keene to now handle an entire project to include ongoing maintenance of everything IT within and around the facilities.

Since Keene will provide remote monitoring of all installed IP devices and have the ability to proactively minimize system downtime the range of new management options and responses for prisons goes up dramatically. Keene Controls is so confident in their Managed Services approach they offer 99.5% reliability on all installed devices for as long as the facilities are under a Managed Service Contract. The offsite monitoring is so sophisticated, we can actually tell if a prison cell is unlocked from multiple vantage points and notify the guards of a potential situation.

Grant Keene said, “ We support a class 5 network operation center (NOC) providing Keene Controls service to prisons and detention centers across the nation. The facilities supporting the service are among the most secure in the nation, a reflection of the industry we have been trusted to serve for decades. The facilities are truly impressive and available for inspection with escorted appointment.” Keene went on to say, “This is part of a complete set of IT capabilities we are adding to Keene’s range of products and services. We recognize the needs of our customers and the industry have changed and we mean to lead rather than follow in the current economy. This evolutionary step for us was a significant investment and we believe few others will be prepared to match.”

To learn more about the Keene Control Services contact:
Mike Cassidy, Keene Controls at 603-672-0911.

Contact us at:
Keene Controls
9600 County Rd. Clarence New York 14032

George A. Keene - Serving North America's Prison and Detention needs for more than 62 years



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